kind words from my people

Randa helped my 5-month-old who was having issues with latch and nursing. She helped us to diagnose a lip and tongue tie. After working with Randa we saw SO much improvement. That baby is STILL nursing strong at 14 months!

Monica R.

We love Randa! She has been a light in our daughters life. F looks forward to every session and is motivated to work on her skills during the week and we are seeing progress every week. 5 stars for sure.

Amanda C.

My daughter looks forward to speech therapy with Randa. Randa always makes my daughter laugh, definitely makes the experience great for kids and goes above and beyond. Randa makes speech therapy fun and it’s something that as a mother I like because my daughter loves speech therapy now.
Mayra B.

Randa Avance is such a wonderful teacher. My son Elijah counts down the days until his next session with her and when it’s the day of his session with her he calls it his special day. I love the way she interacts with my kids while teaching and helping them in the process. She is an absolute joy to have as my sons speech teacher. 🙂
Eric S.

Randa is fantastic! The first therapist to actually make a difference with our son and was able to diagnose his speech issue in the first session! Highly recommend!
Meredith M.

Randa is great with our child and he looks forward to his weeks with speech. Randa makes it entertaining for him and keeps his interest peaked throughout the visit. He is succeeding and growing with her guidance.
Amy J.

Randa was amazing for the eval process. In the short hour she spent with our son I felt like she noticed so many of things that were concerning or just his sweetness. We are so thankful for this and excited to start our therapy journey!


Very impressed with Randa’s knowledge, expertise, and connection to my kiddo!

I can’t say enough amazing things about Randa. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she is also a wonderful and extremely caring person. She is amazing with my 4 month old son and has gone above and beyond for us. Thank you thank you thank you.


Randa worked with my infant on feeding issues, and was able to accurately identify a tongue tie and refer us to an excellent provider, and assist in my baby’s recovery after her procedure. Randa is professional, positive, and overall a wonderful human being. I’d be happy to refer others to her practice.
Hannah V.

My family was so lucky we found Randa. Our baby girl wasn’t gaining weight. After ruling out numerous things we were defeated and had no plan. After some research I found Randa. Her expertise guided us through the process to get our baby back on the bottle. Our daughter had a severe tongue tie and lip tie and needed retraining how to latch. When we first met Randa we immediately knew she cared and has a passion for helping children. Highly recommend!
Leah M.

I could not have asked for a more wonderful speech therapist than Randa. She worked with my son at his level, literally on the floor, to meet my son’s needs. She was very thorough, a clear communicator and was personally invested in my son’s improvement. Just. The. Best.
Kimberly A.

Randa is truly amazing!!! Our 11 week old daughter had a rough start to life and cried all day long and could only eat 1 oz before screaming and refusing more food. We saw every specialist at Children’s hospital and did a swallow study, ultrasound, chest X-ray and nasal scope – no one found anything wrong with her which landed us in feeding therapy. We were referred to Children’s feeding therapy but the wait was nearly a month. Summit was able to get us in with Randa in few days. Immediately Randa discovered a lip and tongue tie – this was interesting because our daughter had seen four different lactation specialists before this and none of them said she had one despite looking in her mouth. Fast forward 2.5 months later, we have a baby who is eating normally and is a happy!! We are so grateful for Randa’s help and support!
Trish R.

We were so worried about our newborns’ aspiration while feeding and Randa completely identified and resolved our concerns. She made some very nerve wrecked parents relieved. This practice is highly recommended!!

Randa is the most kindhearted person I have ever met! She not only help my son tremendously with his speech, but also help guide us to any help we need. If you are looking for someone who will understand your needs and actually treat you like family and not just some regular client, Randa is hands the best speech therapy out there! Not to even mention my son looks forward to speech almost every time. She also very flexible with time which is wonderful!
Carmen B.

Randa is fantastic with my daughter, she has improved her speech so much! And in such a short amount of time she has gone from nobody understanding her to people understanding almost everything she says. She makes speech and tongue exercises fun for the kids and gets great results. My daughter looks forward her sessions with Randa every week. Can’t recommend her enough!
Nathalie M.

Randa is an amazing speech therapist. She went above and beyond to make my super shy kiddo feel comfortable. My daughter has made so much progress since working with Randa. She will treat your kiddo like one of her own. Highly recommend!
Kristen P.