What can Firefly Pediatric Therapies help my newborn with?

Painful Latch

Painful Breasts

Reflux Symptoms

Frequent Spit-up

Difficulty Latching

Poor Supply

Sore, Cracked, and/or Bleeding Nipples

Poor Weight Gain/Losing Weight

Limited Intake

Difficulty with Bottle

Uncomfortable Gassy Infant

Tongue Tie

Choking/Coughing with Feeds

Feeding Preterm Infants

Feeding Multiples

What’s Your Feeding Goal?

Historically lactation consultants have worked with families on breast feeding, with the majority of the attention on the mother, and speech therapists target bottle feeding with a primary focus of the infant. As a dual credentialed IBCLC and SLP, I am able to come alongside a dyad and support both.

As a speech therapist with 15+ years of experience including NICU and outpatient infant feeding, I understand the infant’s role in the dyad. I have helped pre-term infants successfully feed with and without NG tubes. As a mom, I understand the pressures of “just wanting to feed my child.” I come to the table with a unique perspective on how to utilize all the tools and options to help an infant grow and develop to the full extent of their potential. I enjoy working closely with your child’s team of doulas, midwives, pediatricians, dietitians, ENTs, gastroenterologists and pediatric dentists.

When I work with a family assisting on infant feeding, I understand the time demands that this precious life is going to eat every three hours, even on weekends. As I am able, I am available to my patients for support beyond the 9-5 hours of a typical clinic setting. I invest in your journey and can’t wait to hear of your family’s success.

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