feeding & oral mOtor

Feeding therapy starts with a thorough evaluation. We look at components of oral motor skill function and the safety of how a child eats; sensory information and what the child currently eats and/or refuses; behavioral components of mealtime; and medical history. From there, we develop a personalized plan for your child based on their strengths and weakness. Starting with developmental milestones and considering the motor abilities and deficits, we look at what behaviors the child uses to make meals and snacks feel safe for them. Feeding is a multifaceted engagement with food and loved ones. We come alongside a family to support an enjoyable mealtime while increasing nutritional intake for growth and development. We are not a behavior-based feeding therapy (Take your bite and watch the show). We play in and with food. We get messy and enjoy new smells. We laugh and enjoy new experiences with interesting foods of all kinds in a way that kids feel safe and heard.

Feeding therapy might help if your child:

  • Is considered a “picky” eater​
  • Only eats…preferred set times
  • Not gaining weight on his/her growth chart
  • Difficult family mealtimes​
  • Anxious or Avoidant at meals
  • Only eats certain brands
  • Refuses all veggies/fruits/meats​
  • History of choking or aspirating
  • Difficulty transitioning to commentary foods (solids)​
  • Difficulty transitioning to cup drinking
  • Messy eater

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